Best Fails of the Week 2 March 2016 || "I Think We Got What We're Looking For" by FailArmy

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    Not only are we on the countdown to 10m subs but you guys came through huge with submissions this week.

    Excellent compilation.

    We're putting together the best fails of all time to celebrate, got a clip you think should make the compilation? Let us know down below.

    ALSO if you want to submit a video go to

    Thanks guys for all the support, Salute!

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    Kid Whacks Balancing iPad with Hockey Stick
    Kid Smacks Big Mac out of Other Kid's Hand
    Man Crashes Speeding on Segway
    Photographer Kicked in the Face by Kid
    Little Girl Gets Hit with Soccer Ball
    Girl Trust Falls in Wrong Direction
    Drunk Guy Falls Off Amsterdam Sign
    Skateboarder Skids along Street
    GoPro Gets Run Over by Tractor
    Kid Injured Twice Riding Rope Swing
    Skier loses pants
    Guy Falls Through Hole of Trampoline
    Moms Race Against Kids on Field Day
    Skier Can't Stop Herself
    Toy Car Hits Careless Guy
    Tow Truck Rips Bumper Off Car
    Bicyclist Fails to Spin 180 Degrees
    Little Girl Kicks Phone Out of Aunt's Hand
    Mom Freaks Out on Waterslide
    Kid Falls into Toy Chest
    BMX Riders Fall on Top of Each Other
    dog rides turtle
    Sailboat Tears Canopy Off Smaller Boat
    Diving Board Dramatic Fall
    Guy Thinks He's Jumping Rope Blindfolded
    Go-Karter Crashes and Climbs Over Boss
    Gun Recoils into Man's Face
    Dancing Man Falls while Mopping
    Snowboard Roof Jump Fail
    Guy Accidentally Kicks Ball into Friend's Nuts
    Classroom Front Flip Fail
    Ceiling Light Falls on Girl's Head

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