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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

    This week's hilarious fails compilation includes cheerleading and car crashes! Click to see the Exclusive Winter in July Fails Compilation:

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    Original Links:
    Pool Cleaning:
    Parkour Gainer:
    Rally Car:
    Rail Slide Faceplant:
    Trust Fall:
    Sailing Fail:
    Parkour Costco:
    Mountain Bike:
    Swing Fail:
    Fence jump:
    Skateboarding Fall:
    Bike Front Flip:
    Crash into Back of Car:
    Parkour Nutsho:
    High Bar:
    Dirt Bike Jump into Tree:
    Cheerleading Pyramid Stunt:
    Demolition Crash:
    Trampoline Fail:
    Skateboarding Rail Slide:
    Bike Crash into Crowd:
    Slip 'N Fail:
    Pole Dancing:
    BMX Flair Bail:
    Bus Crash:
    Kiwi Crash:
    Yoga Ball Smash:
    HOM Skateboarding Fail:
    Pee Wee:
    Dancing Car:
    Bike Ramp Wipeout:
    Where's Waldo Crash:
    Snowmobile Dirt:

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